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The Tenth Muse

Matt Holman 2017
New Focus Recordings/Panoramic

  • Matt Holman (compositions, trumpet/flugelhorn)
  • Chris Dingman (vibraphone)
  • Bobby Avey (piano)
  • Sam Sadigursky (soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto flute, flute)

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On his new album, The Tenth Muse, Matt Holman bridges the ancient with the modern through 16 ethereal compositions inspired by Sappho’s writings (as translated by Anne Carson). Holman’s pieces take the fragmentary nature of Sappho’s poetry as it has come down to us as a guide for balancing structure and improvisation, clarity and mystery. Produced by Matt Holman. Recorded by Ryan Streber @ Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, NY, Dec 2015. Mixed and mastered by Dave Darlington @ Two Bass Hit, NYC. Album design by Madeline Sturm. Released on New Focus Recordings/Panoramic April 7, 2017.

Selected Reviews for The Tenth Muse

“While the album is remarkable for its plush harmonies and slow-drip accretion of mass, its most arresting quality is a deep-seated sense of exploration, the process of questions searching for answers, of epiphany becoming sound.” ★★★★

“. . . a refined chamber sound from the thoughtful end of the teeming Brooklyn scene, a very democratic, four-cornered conversation among like-minded peers, capped by a performance of Wheeler-esque tenderness and sincerity from the leader.” ★★★★
(The Irish Times)

“. . .the emotional and musical breadth of The Tenth Muse is immense and will leave one wallowing in a state of euphoric rapture. Reading these enduring fragments while immersed in Holman’s ethereal compositions makes for a truly special experience that seamlessly connects the past with the present, reiterating the fact that human nature, at its foundation, is largely unchanging.” ★★★★1/2
(All About Jazz)

“Each setting distinguishes itself from the others on this consistently rewarding collection in sometimes subtle and occasionally emphatic ways. How fortunate we are that Holman looked to the poet for inspiration: these are remarkable performances that effortlessly collapse multiple boundaries.”

“Matt Holman treats silence like sculpting clay . . . highly defined lyricism, where the poetry of motion sets the melody in play.”
(Bandcamp Daily)

‘The sounds, these abstract notes that coalesce into emotions, have great power and stand out from the standard fare. Matt Holman has given us a wonderful present; take notice.”
(Step Tempest)

“. . . spawns an emergent trumpet star who boasts elevated compositional skills, musical maturity, and individual spontaneity.”
(Jazz Trail)

“This is a spring Sunday morning kind of album, meditative and lighthearted at once.”

“. . . it’s certainly a set of art jazz but it doesn’t beat you down with artsiness.”
(Midwest Record)

When Flooded

Matt Holman’s Diversion Ensemble 2013
Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records

  • Matt Holman (compositions, trumpet, mutes)
  • Michael McGinnis (clarinet, bass clarinet)
  • Nate Radley (electric guitar)
  • Christopher Hoffman (cello)
  • Ziv Ravitz (percussion)

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When Flooded is trumpeter/composer Matt Holmanʼs long awaited debut release featuring his 5-member chamber jazz group. The music is Holmanʼs great outpouring of focused, developed, and melodic original compositions that utilize the creative improvisational skills of NYCʼs most interesting jazz and sound artists. Recorded by Andrew Felluss, The Loove, Brooklyn, July 2012. Mixed by Marc Urselli, East Side Sound, New York, July 2012. Mastered by Gene Paul, G&J Audio, Union City, New Jersey, October 2012. Design by Elliott Kirby. Released on BJUR, March 19th, 2013.

Selected Reviews for When Flooded

“Worries go straight out the window once the lush, gorgeous sounds of When Flooded start to play…★★★★”
(Brad Farberman, DOWNBEAT)

“He has a gift for balancing the serene with the zany, while still addressing the importance of melody and lyricism in every aspect of his work…When Flooded, when reduced to its essence, is all about balance. Subtlety and strength, transparency and veiled ideas, and fire and ice all exist in a state of engrossing equilibrium in Holman’s work.”
(Dan Bilawsky, ALL ABOUT JAZZ)

“A record overflowing with richly orchestrated tapestries of sound and beautifully developed melodic ideas… Inspiration from a large gamut of musical sources that stretch far beyond jazz.”
(Seton Hawkins, HOT HOUSE)

“Music with a heavy serenity… Some moments that quicken the heart rate, but mostly beautiful songs that are great for kicking back and drifting off to.”

“Wondrous, inspiring and thoughtful sounds…”
(George W. Harris, JAZZ WEEKLY)

“The story of When Flooded…is about a burgeoning talent who on his first outing sweats the details like an old vet. Matt Holman sees jazz as an art form, with a heavy emphasis on art.”

“…this debut is a great gateway drug to introduce you to one of the real stars of tomorrow. A sizzling debut.”

“There are many prodigiously talented young instrumentalists out there. The ones with something to say – and a clear idea of how to say it – are altogether thinner on the ground. Matt Holman’s strikingly beautiful debut speaks with intelligence, focus, and conviction.”
(Darcy James Argue, composer/bandleader)


1413225124441Volume Two
Sketches 2014
Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records 

  • Matt Holman (trumpet/flugelhorn)
  • Jeremy Udden (alto saxophone)
  • Jarrett Cherner (piano)
  • Martin Nevin (bass)
  • Ziv Ravitz (drums)

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0002012270_10Volume One
Sketches 2013
Bald Hill Records 

  • Matt Holman (trumpet/flugelhorn)
  • Jeremy Udden (alto saxophone)
  • Jarrett Cherner (piano)
  • Martin Nevin (bass)
  • Ziv Ravitz (drums)

Started in 2011, SKETCHES is a collective jazz quintet in which each member writes music based on another member’s musical idea. Before each rehearsal members post a sketch from their notebook (e.g. any musical fragment, a collection of fragments, an incomplete tune) and another member uses that as the basis for a new composition. Inherent in each piece is the challenge of blending two distinct musical personalities, yet with an ensemble of strong composers and sensitive performers, the results have been as engaging as they are unpredictable.

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real-enemiesReal Enemies
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society 2016
New Amsterdam Records. Music from the well-received multimedia project. Postwar paranoia!

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Christopher Zuar Orchestra 2016
Sunnyside Records. Gorgeous jazz orchestra music! Stacked band!

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cover170x1701st Snapshot – After I Met You
HyoYoung Kim 2016
Self-released.  With Alan Ferber, John Ellis, Bryn Roberts and Mark Ferber.

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10981353_10207319942739134_6686832590677186592_nA Room of One’s Own
Yuhan Su 2015
Inner Circle Music. Melodic and Lush Modern Jazz Quintet.

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11156145_839188199450455_4206777812893738394_nEnter to Exit
Kenneth Salters Haven 2015
Destiny Records. Modern Jazz with some serious soul.

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robertsabin3Humanity Part II
Robert Sabin 2015
Ranula Music. Chamber Jazz meets the dark side.

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Surfer Rosa
Asphalt Orchestra Plays Pixies 2014
Cantaloupe Music. Street band covering iconic Pixies record from 1988.

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1412800259425Not Dark Yet
Nathan Parker Smith Large Ensemble 2014
Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records. Progressive Rock meets Big Band.

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Banda Magda 2014
groupUP records release of Magda’s latest record.

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GabrielRios_Thismaraudersmidnight_artworkThe Marauder’s Midnight
Gabriel Rios 2014
Sony Music.

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Views from the Inside
JC Sanford Orchestra 2014
JC’s landmark recording of the new jazz orchestra renaissance.  On Whirlwind Recordings Ltd.

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cover-300x264Aussi Pour Les Petits Vol. 2 
Sylvie Bourban 2014
From Swiss vocalist Sylvie Bourban.

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6a00d8341e689653ef017c378e15f3970b-800wiBrooklyn Babylon
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society 2013
DJA and his 18-piece big band Secret Society’s highly anticipated sophomore album on New Amsterdam Records. Grammy nominated.

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910rqfvHHmL._SL1500_Let it Snow
New York Voices 2013
NYV celebrating a host of traditional and sacred holiday classics as well as secular favorites. 12th Street Records.

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Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra 2013
Asuka’s debut album, featuring her lush compositions performed by some amazing improvisors.

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331_20130822_044528_8216Basak Yavuz

Things… 2013
Debut album by Turkish vocalist Basak Yavuz

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Water Diamond
Euiju Cheong 2012
Pianist Eujiu Choeng’s debut release features Matt Holman (trumpet/flugelhorn), Jake Goldbas (drums) and Leon Boykins (bass).Click here to purchase

Good Company
Kerong Chok 2012
Kerong Chok’s debut album, featuring all original compositions performed by a tight-knit ensemble. Kerong Chok (Hammond C3 organ), Lucas Pino (saxophones/flute), Michael Valeanu (guitar), Jake Goldbas (drums), Matt Holman (trumpet).Click here to purchase

Up For Air
Brian Adler 2012
Co-written by Holman and Adler, this track features Matt Holman (trumpet), Bryan Carrott (vibes), Jesse Lewis (guitar), Ruben Samama (bass), Brian Adler (drums).

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sudden-apperanceSudden Appearance
Daniel Jameison’s DanJam Orchestra 2011
DanJam Orchestra’s Debut recording. Features guest drummer John Riley in addition to a stellar group of young musicians. Produced by Jim McNeely.

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Third Floor People
Anna Webber 2009
Third Floor People, the debut album of Anna Webber, is an adventurous release featuring two bassless quartets – one from Montreal, the other from New York. The album features Matt Holman, Erik Hove, Fred Kennedy, Philippe Melanson, Owen Stewart-Robertson, and Jean-Sebastien Williams performing Anna’s original music.

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cdcover_copy_largeThe Roads They’ve Taken
Winners of the ITG Conference Student Jazz Improvisation Competition 1979-2008
With pianist Art Hirahara on my tune “New Perimeter.”

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Stone/Bratt Big Band
Stone/Bratt Big Band 2008
Chicago Big Band Jazz. This dynamic aggregation flexes its muscle burning through up-tempo modal excursions, digging into bluesy, straight-ahead swingers and daringly walking the tightrope of free improvisation.

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Human Motion
Human Motion 2005
Human Motion, formed in the spring of 2005, is a Chicago-based jazz quintet dedicated to playing improvised music, focusing particularly on the original compositions of its members. Led by bassist/composer Jeff Greene, the quintet features trumpeter Matt Holman, alto saxophonist Taku Akiyama, pianist Jordan Baskin, and percussionist Jon Deitemyer.

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